Our story

Drew was founded in 2005 by our CEO, Elle Moss. We’re named after Elle’s beloved grandfather, Major George Drew, an inspirational ex-Colditz POW who championed Elle's creativity and always encouraged her to take chances with it.

Our story started as just one woman with a deep love of branding and a laptop. Today, we’re a team of multidisciplinary brand experts who bring extensive large agency experience to our small and friendly boutique branding studio.

But one thing hasn't changed: creativity and curiosity remain at the heart of what we do for our wide-ranging roster of clients. We like to think we’re doing them, and our namesake Major George Drew, proud.

Major Drew Drew Stamp

Our Process

We’ve spent years perfecting a process that takes our clients on a journey from discovery to design to delivery. It’s so much more than a checklist; it’s a proven approach that brings client-delighting results.


Your brand is central to everything. It’s the foundation of how your employees, customers and users connect with who you are and what you do. But how do they see you? And does that match with how you want them to see you? We help you discover this and more through in-depth research into your audiences, your peers and competitors, taking into account your brand’s history and exploring your future aspirations.


Using our findings, our creative team comes together to design effective and beautiful visual communications for your brand. We work iteratively, first presenting a range of creative options, then refining the creative in collaboration with you until we arrive at the ideal fit for you and what you need to achieve.


To us, branding goes beyond simply design. It's innate in how your organisation communicates and connects with the world. That’s why we’ve grown our team to include expertise and delivery excellence not just in branding and design but also in strategic communications, social media, digital development and print production.

The question which underpins each stage of our process is simply:

What does success look like?

Our team

Elle Moss
CEO & Founder

Elle founded Drew London from a garage in Brixton way back in May 2005. Following her Visual Communication Degree, Elle was lucky enough to work in some incredible agencies; from Moving Brands to Fitch. Having always had a passion for nurturing and helping others succeed, following her son’s birth in 2004, Elle knew that she wanted to establish her agency. With some gentle advice from her Grandfather (Major George Drew), Drew London was born.
Drew London is an independent creative agency driven by beauty and passion, born from family values and delivering award-winning results.

Elle has always been, and always will be, an advocate of ‘giving back.’ In 2020, during the pandemic, Elle launched the Moss Foundation CIC. The Foundation exists to offer advice and marketing creative to new businesses led by women. Companies who are intent on making a sustainable, inclusive and positive future.

When Elle isn’t hanging out in Lambeth, she’s volunteering her time at the Grove Adventure Playground – a benefactor of the Foundation. Elle is also well known as the ‘Positivity Club’ leader and the President of ‘BNI Home Grown’.

Kate Lewis
Project & Account Manager

Kate is a rare breed, capable of fine-tuning our studio process, keeping projects on time and within budget while updating our clients and ensuring the studio remains calm and stress-free!

Kate previously owned and ran a successful creative agency, meaning she has a vast understanding of running a business, keeping clients happy, and encouraging and motivating the team.

Kate takes the time to get to know our clients, future-focused on what could make their business even better!

Alex Loughlin
Lead Developer

Alex joined Drew in 2018 as a front-end-developer, excited to work in a fast-paced Creative Agency and deliver beautiful work for clients. Since then Alex has moved from focusing just on the visual aspect of the website to being involved at every level. Alex is a keen problem solver often gently explaining ‘why’ we recommend using WordPress alongside reliable, tried and tested plugins to enhance our clients’ customised website.

Alex has always got one eye on new developments in software. A passion for keeping up the pace alongside a logical brain to deliver our clients the very best digital solution.

Alessio Maccuro

Alessio joins us from Milano, Italy!
Since joining the Drew family in 2020, it’s clear that Alessio has a pin-sharp skill of taking UI into development and a natural ability to respect the responsive side of web development, ensuring our clients’ websites look fantastic from mobile to desktop.

Alessio is essential to the early days of any project. From the discovery workshops to the launch of a website, Alessio is fully involved, ensuring our clients’ websites’ success is paramount.

Chirasree (Shree) Mukherjee
Digital Marketing Strategist

We are super excited that we have this role in-house for all of our lovely clients!
When Shree applied for the role, we were instantly blown away by her infectious energy, ‘bigger picture thinking’ and colossal empathy. All of the values and attributes we look for in a Drew family member!

Shree creates campaigns that resonate with audiences, build honest conversations alongside interactions across multiple platforms. This passion results in growing brands and making those all-important sales. There are a lot of strings to Shree’s bow, including the fact that she’s a kick-ass copywriter!

Sasha Beattie
Junior Creative

Having studied at Central St. Martin, Sasha has a super creative brain which plays out in her having a whole suite of abilities and passions; from typography and copywriting to illustration Sasha will take the visual language of our client’s brands to the next level of customisation.

Every single project brings a fresh Sasha perspective!

Born in Hawaii, raised in Alaska and then sunny (cough) Carlisle, Sasha is a transient who, luckily for team Drew has settled on London as her home.


Georgia Sutherland
Junior Creative

Formally from the beautiful town of St Ives, Georgia has embraced London village as her home!

Georgia studied at Camberwell College of Art, where she learnt hands-on skills such as screenprinting and letterpress. Georgia then honed her digital design skills at Shillington, taught by a previous Drew member (who raved about Georgia), meaning she can turn her hand to pretty much any creative execution!

Georgia is a driven, dedicated, and fantastic member of the Drew family, a keen interest in design, particularly passionate about typography and a constant absorber of new learnings.

Alex McIver
Junior Developer

Alex (Al) began his role at Drew as an intern. He quickly proved himself to be hardworking and dedicated, turning his hand to all digital marketing elements, from e-commerce Shopify websites to email signatures.

Al is interested in EVERYTHING, allowing him ‘full rein’ on our clients’ projects allows for visionary thinking.

Lesley Willis
Relationship Manager

Lesley brings over 25 years of creative agency experience to Drew. A broad career in advertising and media for a range of Global Brands, from Seiko Watches to Triumph International, and Advertising Agencies, Ogilvy to VCCP. Lesley’s role at Drew is to nurture, care for and mentor our team here, as well as looking after, and inspiring our family of clients.

Henry Williams
Organic SEO Expert

Henry makes the dark art of Organic SEO optimisation looks super easy. With his effortless ability to discover and grow our clients’ search terms alongside logical, straight-talking advice on how best to improve the ranking of their website, he gains actual results.

We’ve seen a phenomenal increase in traffic and conversion thanks to work Henry has carried out.

Henry undertakes Drew as an expert; he also runs his own highly successful company Channel Creative.

Chief Office Dog

Woof woof, bark bark