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Drew Discovers

Welcome to our first issue of Drew Discovers! This is not your typical blog post – it’s a specially curated digital dose of inspiration, with the intention to help…

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Week 1 at Drew London

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Holly, the new Delivery Manager at Drew LDN. If you’d like to know more about my recent move to London and my…

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Three little words…

Yesterday I attended a fantastic IoD Advance event given by Jim and Debbie of Aurora Partners which focused on understanding and developing resilience. I recommend every team (5-9 people is a great size)…

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Drew Learns

Firstly, what is Drew Learns? Drew Learns is all about sharing and expanding knowledge. It is when a member of the team has a topic that interests them,…

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Impact mapping for ourselves

Processes help us to better understand challenges and how to conquer them. One such technique we’ve recently been using with clients is Impact Mapping as a way of achieving…

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At Drew, we really like people. Whether they’re team members, clients or friends it’s the people and the interactions that we have that inform our experiences and shape…

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World Book Day

Here at Drew London we are avid fans of reading, so it felt only right that we honour World Book Day. World Book Day is the celebration of…

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Our Project Approach

We found our Studio Assistant, Kimberly, via a brilliant scheme called Step Forward; a one year programme for motivated 18 year old school-leavers designed to help them develop…

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Intern: Outings to the Printers!

Screaming Colour produces high quality, short run print very quickly just moments away from our front door, Son and I (the work experience kid/tea-boy) got the opportunity to…

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Magma? Magman!

All hail mag man! Before you walk round the corner of Leather Lane and spend a whopping £10 to £20 in Magma, have a butchers at some of…

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Making a Lego project board

We recently wrote about how we use Lego to manage projects at at Drew. If you’d like to make your own Lego project board you will need the…

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Lego & Project Management

We’ve been changing the way that we run our projects at Drew.Having been inspired by, and with help from Emily Webber, we’ve started to adopt a lean approach…

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Colour Matching

When we’re choosing colours during the design process, we use a Pantone colour bridge swatch book. This shows solid Pantone inks along side their CMYK reproductions and also…

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Adventures in England

We’ve been championing the “staycation” at Drew over the past year; Stephen to the Peak District, Elle to Cheshire and the South West, while I’ve visited Cambridge and…

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2013

We aways feel a little bit lucky (smug) to have Clerkenwell Design Week on our doorstep. Today is the last day, so if you have an interest in…

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Young’s Type

‘A group of multi-disciplined practitioners out to encourage, design and desire’. In December 2012, a wonderful friend and incredibly talented individual Joe (Hayes) Young passed away unexpectedly. He…

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Mr Spike

Woof! I mean, Hi everyone! My name is Spike (Mr Spike to the ladies) and I’m the newest member of Team Drew. My new favourite person Elle adopted…

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Hand Lettering Practice

We’ve been inspired by blogger and designer Amanda from Wit & Whistle this week with her handwriting challenge (above). As designers we all love drawing and doodling but rarely put…

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Bauhaus: Art as Life

Elle and I took a little time out to walk over to the Barbican to see the Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition. A wonderful retrospective of the fourteen years the school…

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Stephen’s Lego iPhone Stand

As you may already know we love a bit of Lego in this office. After a great deal of development Stephen has perfected the ideal iPhone stand, here’s…

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Inspired Typography

I took part in the ISTD Student Assesments at the weekend. It was the second time I’ve helped out, and much like the first, I was impressed with…

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Hello Ladies!

Today is International Women’s Day, and two-thirds of Drew are rich in X chromosomes, it’s a subject that’s  close to our collective heart. The Design Council has found…

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Admitting to Guilty Pleasures

Elle was recently interviewed outside our office by The Independent, who asked her what her desert island disc might be. Her response? Bread’s Baby I’m A Want You… Perhaps not quite what…

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In the Drew office we all have a love for everything visual. In the past I’ve always had a little ‘inspiration’ folder on my desktop filled with imagery…

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Coffee Time

One of the best things about Monday mornings in the Drew office is a lovingly-made cup of delicious, frothy coffee. For those of you unlucky enough not to…