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Iraq: A love story

My Iraq experience and the power of overcoming the misconception Just over a month ago I was approached by Zhala Sabir, of Top Mountain to teach Graphic Design. An…

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Rebranding: Before & After

We here at Drew, offer full-service marketing communication across print and digital, at the very centre of our offer, is branding. Over the past 13+ years, we have had the…

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Interview with Richard Canterbury

Richard is the founder of one of our longest standing clients, Love Taste Co., a brand we’ve always held in high regard. Richard, in my humble opinion, is…

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Third Sector Interview with Dominic Ruffy

Dominic Ruffy has been Special Project Director for the Amy Winehouse Foundation since late 2011. Dominic looks after the foundation’s Resilience programme and Amy’s Place whilst raising funds for the foundation…

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Why giving back is so important

Giving back I’m going to kick this article straight off with stating the following: giving back has been an essential value of Drew London, right from the very…

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Being Our Own Client

We are a branding agency that has undertaken a rebrand. And with it, we learned much from the process. Read my top six learnings from our very own process.

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Brave Entrepreneurs

As always, we here at Drew are passionate about all things Social Enterprise; therefore whilst Kerry and I were visiting the lovely Soil Association in Bristol, we were excited…

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The story behind our business cards

The latest iteration of our Drew business cards are a literal nod to our namesake; Major George Drew. My grandfather was flattered and very supportive of his name…

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What We’re Excited For 2015

I’ve never been a fan of making New Year Resolutions, they always feel somewhat forced and normally contain the same ideas: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Drink Less blah…

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What Success Looks Like…

We often ask our clients to visualise “what success looks like” allowing us to have a target to aim for. When the spotlight was turned on us recently;…

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Hand Making Christmas Cards

Every year we are tasked with making bespoke Christmas cards for our clients, and for ourselves! It’s a real treat for us all to get involved with the…

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Print Workshops

It’s no secret that we here at Drew just can’t get enough of print. We love it. Rest assured we love digital just as much, but you can’t…

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Like Minds

This week I attended a talk by Minter Dial: Digital Innovation in Retail, hosted by the very clever peeps at Like Minds. Minter Dial created Myndset in 2009…

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Design Junction

Wow, there has been so much going on this week with London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and Open House weekend coming up. Yesterday the Drew team took a bit of time out…

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My Granpa

I was completely thrown this Monday by hearing my Granpa’s voice; He was on a Channel 4 documentary ‘Escape from Colditz’  You can view it here. Major George Drew was my Granpa…

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Local Coffee Makers

You may have cottoned on to the fact that the Drew team has an absolute love of coffee. Beautifully made, delicious coffee. Mmmmmm! We only drink the very…

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Drew cooking

The Drew team adore cooking. From the very moment we step through the office doors each morning, we discuss the elaborate food we assembled the night before, as…

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Livity = Award Winners!

This ‘We Love…’ post is a big shout out of ‘very well deserved!’ to the talented team at Livity. Last week Livity scooped THREE MAA (Marketing Agency Association)…

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Emmy Re-brand

Drew is very honoured to be able to present the Emmy London re-brand that we’ve undertaken over the past few months. Emmy’s re-brand story goes something like this:…

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Beautiful Amoralia

We have just printed our client, Amoralia, very beautiful look book for their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. We seem to be spending a huge amount of our time on…