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Camille Walala Exhibition

This week, myself, Kerry and Emily visited the Camille Walala Exhibition at the Now Gallery in Greenwich. Camille Walala originally graduated in textile design, however has now moved…

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How to Work it like Team Drew

I started at Drew London almost a year ago, and when I describe life in our cosy East London office to friends and family, many people stare at…

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Happy Valentines Day to you all!

The recent talk in the Drew London office, with Valentine’s Day looming, has been about which restaurant we are all visiting with our valentine this year. We are…

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Shillington College

I joined Drew over a year ago through the charity lead apprenticeship: Step Forward. On completion of my course Drew offered me a junior creative full time position…

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Kerry’s Big Move!

Since visiting London as a tourist for so many years, it was an unusual feeling travelling here for an interview that could potentially turn me into an actual…

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Drew Loves Camerados

To give you a bit of background, Drew are directors of the Social Enterprise Organisation, Camerados. This is an organisation dedicated to bringing people together to discover friendship…

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We loved 2015

1 — Social Enterprise Launch; Camerados 5 — New Team Members 266 — Projects From business cards, to blogs, to brochures to badges! 1 — Golden Bike Winner…