There are so many platforms, programs, and ideas! Are you having a mild panic that we are six working weeks away from 2022?

Let us help you!

Use our expert knowledge, and together, we’ll create the plan, strategy and execution, making 2022 start with a BANG!

2022 We are coming for you!

One-off cost £3,000 $4,000 (£2,000 for not-for-profit and/or startups*) ex VAT

Who’s it for?

Business owners to managing directors across multiple sectors.
We have over sixteen years of experience in property, hospitality, luxury, FMCG, fashion, charity, local council, and education.

What do you get:

Before 2022, we will deliver the following gems of magic and wisdom.

Definition of your perfect customers.

It makes PPC a doddle! 
It helps focus your marketing plan.

Brand tone of voice – those all-important Archetypes that resonate with your target customers.

Messaging to your target audience is critical, and the tone is vital. We aim to build relationships between you and your audience – connections that will drive and grow your business.

Campaign and strategies to approach, connect and resonate with your customers across a calendar of 1-3 months. 

Having a plan is everything: Reassuring, exciting and exceptional.
We’ll be right by your side, championing you on!

Branded digital marketing super useful templates

We’ve created the plan, and now you can make the posts (LinkedIn, Insta and Facebook) with ease from our template.
The following template platforms are at our fingertips, just let us know which works for you, choose from Canva, CreativeSuite, Powerpoint or Google Slides)

What’s next

SAY YES! Then complete our questionnaire, here, to draw on your all-important targets; whether to grow your audience? or generate sales?

We’ll be led by your dreams and produce a plan that will have you begging 2022 to begin!

*Under three years old.

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