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Posted by Kerry Neesam

Happy Valentines Day

The recent talk in the Drew London office, with Valentine’s Day looming, has been about which restaurant we are all visiting with our valentine this year. We are…

Posted by Elle Moss

Interview with Dominic Ruffy

Dominic Ruffy has been Special Project Director for the Amy Winehouse Foundation since late 2011. Dominic looks after the foundation’s Resilience programme and Amy’s Place whilst raising funds for the…

Posted by Emily Jackson

How to keep yourself motivated at work

There’s nothing worse than the Monday blues…remembering how many tasks there are on your to-do list and wishing you hadn’t organised that client Monday morning meeting. Yes, Mondays—to…

Posted by Tim Cowan

TV Adverts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Having worked in the creative sector for nearly 25 years, I consider myself to be one of those odd-balls who actually enjoys a good TV or film advert.…

Posted by Kerry Neesam

5 invisible logo rules that you may not realise are there

Let’s start with the term ‘brand’ It is one of the most overused, yet misunderstood terms in the world of marketing and advertising. Many people assume that once…

Posted by Shannon Crilly

Drew London Team gives back this festive season!

For the past two years, the Drew London team have spent their Christmas party day spreading kindness and joy around the streets of London. This year, the 13th…