Posted by Drew London

04/04 The case for content: why planning ahead counts

We live in the age of content. From the articles we read online, to the videos we watch, to the TED talks we listen to and the Instagram…

Posted by Drew London

03/04 Tone of voice – why every brand needs one

Maybe you’ve heard about tone of voice (or TOV) – you might have even talked about it or considered it last time you wrote something for your brand.…

Posted by Shannon Crilly

02/04 Get the message! Why your brand messaging matters

No matter how large, small, established or new your business may be, you have a message to share with the world – so what is it? Can you…

Posted by Shannon Crilly

Demystifying the wonderful world of WordPress

We here at Drew, get asked a lot of questions around the wonderful world of WordPress. Our favourite content coach, Kate Foster, interviewed our CEO, Elle Moss to…

Posted by Drew London

01/04 Working with a copywriter: a quick guide for brands

As a copywriter, one of the most common questions I’m asked is “what do you actually do?”. And it’s a fair question, because the term ‘copywriter’ can be…

Posted by Kerry Neesam

A truly exciting and collaborative project!

Last month, Drew was approached by the creative agency, Electric Sunshine, to work alongside them on a very exciting project: Create some T-Shirt designs for the launch of H&M…

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