Discovering your brand personality

``An archetype is a universally familiar character or situation that transcends time, place, culture, gender and age. It represents an eternal truth``

Pretty big statement right? Don't feel overwhelmed, our webinar is here to help. An archetype allows your brand to communicate a clear tone of voice through your marcomms strategy, voice (copy) and visuals.

The communications build trust with your target consumer and ultimately sets you apart from your competitors.

Sounds pretty good right?

Watch the video to discover your brand archetype.

There are twelve archetypes. All brands should focus on having two / maybe three archetypes:

A primary archetype – which is your outward facing brand the one you talk to customers with, that they resonate with and become loyal customers.

A secondary archetype – is your inward facing brand, how you speak to your team members, how you run one-to-ones, how you hire new team members.


Acknowledge and indulge in their desires
Cultivate attraction and offer experience that touches ALL of the senses
Around you people feel light up, turned on and dialled in
Helps people connect to their hearts passion


Help people have a great time, release their stress and cares through fun humour and play
Giddy Energetic and light
Lighten up the world and experience fun


Down to earth accessible and friendly
Solid values, responsible and authentic
Relatable, included, inclusive and safe from judgement
Encourage community


Improve the world accomplished through mastery
Tough mentally and physically
Disciplined, decisive and prepared
People know that you’re competent and brave so will follow you into the frey
Motivated, accountable and up for a challenge.


Help peoples dreams become their reality
You fascinate people
Your goal – transform lives
You are articulate, expansive and a sharer of knowledge


Don’t do things in the traditional way
Boldly question authority
Revolutionary and unapologetic about it
People feel empowered to challenge the status quote
People feel tenacious, liberated from convention
Overturn what isn’t working and find ways that do


Passionate and supportive about expressing and curating
Ignite individuality with a strong vision
Offer support and realistic creative solutions
ALWAYS be looking for the ‘next thing’…


Nurturing and helping of others
Most fulfilled when your helping other people
People feel supported and comfortable with their choices


High achieving, refine and radiate excellent
People to to you as their example
Leverage authority to maintain a prosperous community
Inspired by results and hopeful that they can achieve similar things
Limitless and determined
Open our minds to what’s possible


Optimism, to be happy with simplicity and ease
Breath of fresh air, straight talking trustworthy and pure of heart
People find positive encouraged and content around you
Helps get back to basic living by essential values


Understand the world and teach others what you know
Seek information and insights through research, analysis and self reflection
Diligent and thorough
People around you feel like completed things just seem to make sense
Informed, validated and confident in their new understanding


Novel adventures and fresh experiences
Help people take the journeys that matter
Make people feel curious, alive and free to do new things
Authentic experiences and more fulfilment

What is your brands archetype? Need more clarity – Contact me for a practical workshop on how to make your brand memorable.

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