25 January 2022

The Story Behind the Chess Piece

My grandfather, Major George Drew, described himself as lacking in creativity. A strange and deeply unfounded realisation given that he was the most incredible woodcarver. “As a Prisoner of War in Germany ones thoughts continually and almost continuously were of food, women and escape. Not necessarily in that order but in the absence of Red … Continued

12 January 2022

Web Design Trends in 2022

In a world of shrinking attention spans, what can you do to keep your audience engaged and entertained on your site? We’ve reviewed four stand-out web design elements for any web build in 2022, so you don’t have to.  Scavenger Hunts Responsive Design  Speed Optimisation  Dynamic Content We all love a good scavenger hunt, especially … Continued

18 May 2020

Illustration Is Here To Tell Your Story

The power to communicate and connect Think about a brand…any brand really, more often than not you’ve likely seen that they’ve employed illustration in one way or another through their branding system. Whether you’re logging into Dropbox or Mailchimp; I’m sure you’ve noticed whimsical illustrations scattered throughout these websites. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed them, or maybe you’ve just thought … Continued

6 January 2020

Exploring Brixton Together: Our New Networking Evenings

How we started, every first Thursday of the month Here at Drew, we are firm believers in ‘Together we are Stronger’ and when we entered the mecca that is 3Space, International House, specifically the 7th Floor, we were astounded by the abundance of talent based here: from individual copywriters such as Claire (Copy By Claire) to Interior … Continued

27 July 2019

Drew Discovers – Issue 2

Welcome to our latest issue of Drew Discovers Have you ever wondered how we work as a team? Clients always ask us to recommend the best tools, apps, and inspiration (for this we even have a dedicated Slack! #Inspiration), which helps running our studio so much easier.So, after creating a little poll here at Drew HQ, we came up … Continued

23 July 2019

Industry Talks

A Clients Take on Agency World Article written by Kelly Murphy, brand strategy and marketing consultant (and our former client). After decades of working on the client side of marketing, I made the switch to the consulting and agency side.  It’s been quite an eye opening, and truth be told, I have a lot of … Continued

26 June 2019

Drew Discovers

Welcome to our first issue of Drew Discovers! This is not your typical blog post – it’s a specially curated digital dose of inspiration, with the intention to help innovate and ignite.  From our team comes handpicked inspiration, tools, thought-provoking campaigns, and a mix of materials that fascinate us – that we think would be of … Continued

8 March 2019

Behold … My Inspirational Women

Today is International Women’s day. It feels a little self-indulgent that we have an entire 24 hours to really celebrate being a woman. I mean, I celebrate it 365 days of the year! But first a little about me: I’m a woman, I was born a woman and I’m proud to be a woman. However, … Continued

29 January 2019

Protecting A Family Business

All businesses need to keep pace with what their customers want. They simply can’t afford to stand still—diversification is essential (don’t be a Toys R Us). When I first chatted to Michael about a website for his office fruit delivery service many years ago, he was reluctant to invest in marketing. The reason was this: … Continued

22 January 2018

How To Keep Yourself Motivated At Work

There’s nothing worse than the Monday blues…remembering how many tasks there are on your to-do list and wishing you hadn’t organised that client Monday morning meeting. Yes, Mondays—to some at least—send shivers down spines. I used to know this feeling all too well, and I’m afraid I can’t say I’ve managed to solve how to … Continued