17 December 2013

Making A Lego Project Board

We recently wrote about how we use Lego to manage projects at at Drew. If you’d like to make your own Lego project board you will need the following: For the board 4 x base boards (we use the big 48×48 size but a 32×32 will work too) 8 x dividing strips (a flat 2×12 … Continued

5 December 2013

Lego & Project Management

We’ve been changing the way that we run our projects at Drew. Having been inspired by, and with help from Emily Webber, we’ve started to adopt a lean approach to running our projects and are using a kind of kanban board to help. The Lego board is split into 3 main areas; to do, doing, … Continued

30 May 2012

Stephen’s Lego iPhone Stand

As you may already know we love a bit of Lego in this office. After a great deal of development Stephen has perfected the ideal iPhone stand, here’s the “how to” if you want one for yourself! If you don’t have the right pieces did you know you can order individual lego bricks online here? … Continued