25 January 2022

The Story Behind the Chess Piece

My grandfather, Major George Drew, described himself as lacking in creativity. A strange and deeply unfounded realisation given that he was the most incredible woodcarver. “As a Prisoner of War in Germany ones thoughts continually and almost continuously were of food, women and escape. Not necessarily in that order but in the absence of Red … Continued

11 June 2021

Social Media Campaign for Urban Growth

Your Streets Your Way – Engaging the local community to create a cleaner and greener Lambeth and win prizes! Social media is one of the most exciting creative tools in your toolbox, that can be effectively maximized alongside your other marketing tools. And great social media management acts as a major boost to your brand … Continued

26 June 2019

Drew Discovers

Welcome to our first issue of Drew Discovers! This is not your typical blog post – it’s a specially curated digital dose of inspiration, with the intention to help innovate and ignite.  From our team comes handpicked inspiration, tools, thought-provoking campaigns, and a mix of materials that fascinate us – that we think would be of … Continued

29 November 2017

Hate Networking? Read This:

Networking is a bit like Marmite, isn’t it? Some people absolutely hate it, some find it boring, others are too shy. I, on the other hand, LOVE it. I have a passion for people, almost to the point of infatuation, and for hearing their stories, business or otherwise. When I first established Drew I had … Continued

27 June 2017

Taste Of London 2017

Last week, Kerry and I were lucky enough to visit Taste of London and support our awesome new client Mahtay. Here’s what we found: First Off I have to mention the Taste of London signage itself – IT WAS MADE OUT OF REAL VEGETABLES! A really eye-catching touch from Maison de Fleurs and a great talking point and obligatory photography spot with visitors … Continued

1 December 2016

A Heartfelt “Thank You”

This month we say goodbye to Drew co-founder Stephen, who is embarking on a brand new adventure in systems thinking in design. If you’ve worked with us at Drew, you’ll have experienced the passion we hold for our creative process and how it informs everything we do. Curiosity is very much part of that process … Continued

30 March 2016

Kerry’s Big Move!

Since visiting London as a tourist for so many years, it was an unusual feeling travelling here for an interview that could potentially turn me into an actual Londoner. When applying for the Mid-Weight Designer role at Drew London, they were already two weeks into their interview process, but luckily I had taken it upon myself … Continued

7 March 2016


At Drew, we really like people. Whether they’re team members, clients or friends it’s the people and the interactions that we have that inform our experiences and shape what we do. We have two new people joining our team today; Rachel and Kerry (we’ll be posting more about both of them soon) bringing our team up to a mighty … Continued

3 March 2016

Drew Loves Camerados

To give you a bit of background, Drew are directors of the Social Enterprise Organisation, Camerados. This is an organisation dedicated to bringing people together to discover friendship and purpose as we believe by developing these skills, they will overcome isolation and form bonds that will last and support them from now and forever. Launched four … Continued

4 March 2015

World Book Day

Here at Drew London we are avid fans of reading, so it felt only right that we honour World Book Day. World Book Day is the celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. This annual day is organised by UNESCO whose overall goal is to pay a worldwide tribute to books and authors, encouraging everyone … Continued