21 September 2012

Design Junction

Wow, there has been so much going on this week with London Fashion Week, London Design Festival and Open House weekend coming up. Yesterday the Drew team took a bit of time out to visit Design Junction as part of LDF. We thought we’d mention some of the wonderful products we saw. First up: Miranda Watkins and her beautiful, considered pewter tableware produced with A.R. Wentworth of Sheffield (we love an … Continued

13 September 2012

Hand Lettering Practice

We’ve been inspired by blogger and designer Amanda from Wit & Whistle this week with her handwriting challenge (above). As designers we all love drawing and doodling but rarely put aside the time to practise something so it’s great to join in with a group challenge. Here are some of my attempts so far: Tempted to join in? It’s … Continued

16 August 2012

My Granpa

I was completely thrown this Monday by hearing my Granpa’s voice; He was on a Channel 4 documentary ‘Escape from Colditz’  You can view it here. Major George Drew was my Granpa and the man behind our brand. Forever an inspiration to me, past, present and the future. Granpa never spoke of Colditz until one day, 14 years ago, he … Continued

1 June 2012

Bauhaus: Art As Life

Elle and I took a little time out to walk over to the Barbican to see the Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition. A wonderful retrospective of the fourteen years the school was open, it shows the development, the way of life, and of course, the work created. The ideals of the Bauhaus manifesto to create a new, better way of living, uniting … Continued

30 May 2012

Stephen’s Lego iPhone Stand

As you may already know we love a bit of Lego in this office. After a great deal of development Stephen has perfected the ideal iPhone stand, here’s the “how to” if you want one for yourself! If you don’t have the right pieces did you know you can order individual lego bricks online here? … Continued

28 March 2012

Inspired Typography

I took part in the ISTD Student Assessments at the weekend. It was the second time I’ve helped out, and much like the first, I was impressed with the standard of the submissions. Working in the industry, rather than in education, the real buzz for us is seeing some of the incredibly fresh ideas that students have. … Continued

22 March 2012

Local Coffee Makers

You may have cottoned on to the fact that the Drew team has an absolute love of coffee. Beautifully made, delicious coffee. Mmmmmm! We only drink the very best. So we’re delighted that a brand new coffee shop has opened at the end of our street! Flat Cap Coffee Co. have four London sites: St Giles in the Fields (situated in … Continued

13 March 2012

Drew Cooking

The Drew team adore cooking. From the very moment we step through the office doors each morning, we discuss the elaborate food we assembled the night before, as well as what we’re aiming to eat that evening. Piggies! Last night Elle made her favourite: chorizo, butterbeans, leeks and tomatoes (admittedly a twist on the Jamie Oliver recipe and definitely … Continued

8 March 2012

Hello Ladies!

Today is International Women’s Day, and two-thirds of Drew are rich in X chromosomes, it’s a subject that’s close to our collective heart. The Design Council has found that 60 per cent of the design industry is male. A better balance than some, perhaps, but still with plenty of room for improvement. As the only … Continued

6 March 2012

Livity = Award Winners!

This ‘We Love…’ post is a big shout out of ‘very well deserved!’ to the talented team at Livity. Last week Livity scooped THREE MAA (Marketing Agency Association) Best awards for NSPCC’s ChildLine Final Verse Campaign, which talks to male teens – a difficult-to-reach target group – and encourages them to engage with ChlidLine and express their feelings through acting, writing, producing music, or performing. Livity … Continued