27 September 2021

Jack of all trades? The extended version!

I always give a slight tremor when I hear the age-old saying until it was pointed out that the true version is far less accusatory: `Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.` You see, I have always looked at being multi-talented, with multiple abilities as a gift. When … Continued

26 March 2021

Meet The Team

Introducing Chirasree (Shree) Digital Marketing Strategist While growing up in India, the works of Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen and DH Lawrence fascinated me. I wanted to be as close as possible to their inspirations. So, when I finished my A-Levels, I came to the U.K to pursue higher education. I sat on the plane imagining … Continued

11 January 2021

An Open Letter To New Creatives

An Open Letter to New Designers “New Year, New ______”. Fill in the blank as you so choose. How many of us have started a brand new year by challenging ourselves with this little phrase? What does this look like for many new designers? “New Year, New Website”? It’s an ever-challenging task that for some … Continued

16 July 2020

Why You Need A Niche

The importance of having a clear niche before launching a new product/service As a branding and digital agency, we spend a lot of time analyzing and discussing target audiences and personas with our clients. It is an essential part of our process before designing a new brand or developing a new website. Understanding how to … Continued

16 June 2020

Consumers and the Pandemic

From our Webinar Series These are extracts from the latest ‘Consumers & The Pandemic’ a live webinar hosted by Elle Moss, Drew London’s founder and CEO, as part of a series of open discussions with brands, leaders and managers to discuss how they have adapted and thrived through the crisis. Topics covered in this episode: Business plan pivots … Continued

8 March 2020

Women By Women

Celebrating Women across the globe To celebrate International Women’s Day this year we have invited Bette Lynch from 29twentynine agency for our March edition of our Drew Talks ( Here is where we tell you everything about it!). Bette works with organisations to unearth their untold stories and, over the last 12 months, she has collaborated with ActionAid UK to develop their visual storytelling and … Continued

6 January 2020

Exploring Brixton Together: Our New Networking Evenings

How we started, every first Thursday of the month Here at Drew, we are firm believers in ‘Together we are Stronger’ and when we entered the mecca that is 3Space, International House, specifically the 7th Floor, we were astounded by the abundance of talent based here: from individual copywriters such as Claire (Copy By Claire) to Interior … Continued

3 October 2019

Welcome Back To Brixton!

This is what we have been up to and how we have transformed our company’s culture! As the autumn leaves start to fall, we felt the time was right to celebrate Drew’s relocation to our Brixton roots and share our experience so far here as part of 3Space International House. First of all, if you didn’t know, … Continued

15 April 2019

Iraq: A Love Story

My Iraq experience and the power of overcoming the misconception Just over a month ago I was approached by Zhala Sabir, of Top Mountain to teach Graphic Design. An all expenses paid 10 days of creative communications education, one catch… Top Mountain is based out in Erbil, Iraq. A flurry of googling continued with the foreign office advising completely … Continued