Firstly, what is Drew Learns?

Drew Learns is all about sharing and expanding knowledge. It is when a member of the team has a topic that interests them, and thinks it would be beneficial to pass this knowledge on to the rest of the team by hosting a short 30 minute meeting whereby they can explain, demonstrate or host an interactive session. An example of this is when James ran a half hour session to teach everyone a bit about illustration, which he truly loves, and gives everyone else in the studio a chance to test their creative skills and try illustration.

It’s a really brilliant way to bring us all together and indulge in something new that someone else loves!

Why do we do Drew Learns?

#1 It teaches everyone something new!

The reason we take time out of our weeks to do this is because it’s a really useful way of everyone in the studio learning something new every week. No matter how experienced an employee may be in one area, Drew Learns allows them to get out of their comfort zone and learn something that they would not otherwise indulge in.

#2 It allows us to step away from client based work

Every week, it’s really important for us as a team to get together and do something away from our computers; this allows us to grow as a team and gives us a chance to help one another experience new things. At Drew, we are always keen to try new things and engage in new experiences.

#3 It’s a really brilliant way to bring us all together and indulge in something new that someone else loves!

It’s a really useful icebreaker for new team members that join Drew, as well as being a helpful way for us to get to know another member of the team by learning something that they love.

Previous Drew Learns...

In the past, we have explored many different Drew Learns, from calligraphy, watercolour and prints, to 48 minute briefs and lego project management. These Drew Learns have been extremely valuable to us! Our latest Drew Learns on web development terminology, ran by Nadeem, was really useful for those who don’t know much about the web development world; when technical terminology is used in the studio, it now means that everyone can have an understanding rather than there being a division between the web developers and everyone else in the room.

What are Drew Learns looking like in the future?

After a successful flow of Drew Learns over the past few months, it is important to keep this up and always be planning for future sessions. We feel that it’s important that everyone in the team can deliver one so that we gain experience in a wide skill set, therefore each member of the Drew team has enough notice to think about what knowledge they could pass on to the rest of the team. In addition to this, as a very creative studio it often ends up that Drew Learns relates to the creative world because this is where our passions lie, therefore one of our aims is to push for more Drew Learns that don’t focus on design, but expand into other areas of our lives.

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