We found our Studio Assistant, Kimberly, via a brilliant scheme called Step Forward; a one year programme for motivated 18 year old school-leavers designed to help them develop professional skills and launch their future careers.

Stephen’s visit to our training session was extremely informative and engaging. The topics of prioritising, guiding principles, and actions along what we see as success were extremely applicable to our event. We were able to apply what we had learnt to our own sessions as we decided how we would measure success and when would be the best time to hold retrospectives.

A part of the programme involves the Associates (the people on the programme to you and I) embarking on a project to organise an event for the businesses involved, of which Drew is one.

Through our involvement with Step Forward we've met many of the delightful programme organisers and expressed our keenness to be more involved and help out where possible. They recently asked us to help set the Associates off in the right direction with their project.

We're very passionate about our working processes at Drew, and also about the importance of people and how they work together as a team. We put the following slides together to try and make sense of how we work, and hopefully influence a room full of young minds with our way of thinking.

After much enthusiastic gesticulating, I think the ideas started to form. I used their own project as an example to demonstrate the concepts and I hope that it will have had a positive influence on the outcome of their work.

There was a bit of time left at the end for questions, one of which related to Spike (our studio dog). To keep things on topic we ran a super fast Drivers, Hopes & Fears exercise to form a case for the addition of a course hound at Step Forward, proving that this thinking works for anything.

We can't recommend the Step Forward programme highly enough, so if you're interested get in touch with them now.

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