Processes help us to better understand challenges and how to conquer them.

One such technique we've recently been using with clients is Impact Mapping as a way of achieving goals. We have so much faith in what we do for our clients, and how effective it can be, we've decided to utilise the same process to find our next client, and to share our journey along the way.

We're process lovers at Drew; they help us to deliver efficient creative work that delivers results.

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Things we have decided as a group

  1. Another Business to Consumer brand would fit well with our existing portfolio
  2. We like working with clients from the Food & Beverage sector
  3. Their turnover should be £1-2m assuming a 5-10% marketing spend

Impact mapping week 1 - Setting goals and Impact map #1

We've been through a goal setting exercise, and have created 9 SMART goals which we think are the major steps in the journey to securing a new client. The first goal we're tackling is identifying possible brands and products that we might want to approach, or which might help to refine the kind of brand we're looking for.

The groups of people we think can help us along the way are; ourselves (Drew team), our friends,  our clients and our suppliers. As it's easier to share, the first behaviour that we'd like to see ourselves demonstrate is producing a considered list of brands - to create that behaviour we've decided to create a Google Sheet to capture all information, to explore our networks, to look at our kitchen cupboards and to go through a "brand touch" exercise (tracking the many brands each of us encounters in a 24 hour period).

Next instalment...

We hope we'll have created a list of brands to consider, and will be some way towards knowing how to connect to those brands too.

Let us know if you've any thoughts or questions on our journey with this process, we're all ears.

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