Welcome to our latest issue of Drew Discovers

Have you ever wondered how we work as a team?

Clients always ask us to recommend the best tools, apps, and inspiration (for this we even have a dedicated Slack! #Inspiration), which helps running our studio so much easier.
So, after creating a little poll here at Drew HQ, we came up with a list of four tools to share with our lovely clients and friends.
We hope you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom below.

From us to you,

Mysterious Users

Ever wondered how users really use your website? Is that call to action really working?

Wonder no more! HotJar is a fantastic app that allows you to study and demystify how users interact with your website. As a WordPress agency, the user findings allow us to make rapid iterations to our client’s websites, increasing those all important conversion rates.

Tired of losing your notes?

Ever find yourself surrounded by notebooks? Or arrive at a meeting with the wrong one? Frustrating right!

I’ve had my reMarkable for a while now and I literally could not live without it. Their clever software converts hand-written notes to text which you can then share effortlessly. Don’t be put off by the high price tag, this gorgeous bit of tech is a must have.

So much more than a msg

The Slack app makes the globe so much smaller. We liaise with multiple clients thanks to Slack. From organising conversations into #Channels and transferring files, to DMs with clients.

Slack’s a lifesaver.

Time tracking like a Pro

Here at Drew, we struggled with time-tracking. If your team is not great at keeping timesheets, we recommend you to switch to Toggl. Easy to use, it will get your team to master productivity, recording and organising all the time.
(They also have an app, so it’s always with you)

If you need any assistance installing any of the apps or further advice, please do get in touch. Share your own experiences with us.

The Drew London crew are always on the look out for inspiration!

And if you have missed our previous and first edition: Find it here.

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