We strongly believe that interns are an essential part of the Drew studio; they bring with them fresh thinking, motivation and a dedication to learn. Ben's initial introduction was a phone call to the studio, followed up with a personal email. After an informal interview with the creative team, Ben was offered a months internship.

I asked him to write a brief overview of 'a day in the life of an intern' to share his findings and hopefully inspire others to go forth and find work placements! Feel free to drop us a line if you believe you'd enjoy an internship at Drew.


What made you want to be involved in the design industry?

I have always had a passion for design and since finishing my art foundation course in 2011, I've wanted to go down the digital design route.


What made you join Drew?

I applied to Drew because after completing a degree in interactive media design and working with apps and websites, I wanted to learn more about branding. I have always been very interested in the meanings behind logos and they way you can express yourself through art.


What have you learned working at Drew?

Since working at Drew I have been involved in a lot of different projects from branding to animation. The most important thing I believe I've learned is the way the Drew team plan out their projects. Everything is done precisely and to the point where they have everything covered.


Has Drew lived up to your expectations of what a design studio should be?

Drew has exceeded my expectations of what I thought a design studio would be like, it's fun place to work where the people are very nice and inspiring.


What is a typical day at Drew like?

A typical day for me at Drew involves arriving in the office at 9:15 where the first point of call is a coffee when everyone is in. Stephen currently is the master of coffee but Son, his protégé, is following closely behind as long as he gets to use full fat milk!

On a Monday morning the team gathers round for a 'stand up' where they share projects they will be working on through the week. Following the 'stand up', it’s back to work where resident DJ Stephen Pro puts on some tracks to focus the team. I get to work on live briefs which is a lot more than I expected as an intern, so whenever I get stuck or need to ask a question the team are always happy to help.

At lunch time if you are eating in the office, beware of Spike the dog who will be on hand to gobble up any dropped pieces of food within milliseconds of it hitting the ground. Another plus side of working in Farringdon is the variety there is for lunch; on Leather Lane which is a one minute walk away there are loads of different food shops/vans that do great homemade food for a good price.

After lunch, it's back to work where I offer to make tea to get everybody motivated for the afternoon. Everybody aims to leave work at 5:30.


What do you hope to gain working at Drew?

At Drew I hope to gain more experience in branding, how projects are signed off and the way the company is run. I feel by learning these three key aspects it will help me in my future career.


What do you do to relax?

To relax I like to have a bath and visualise. I also like to watch films and play PS4.


Where is your biggest source of inspiration?

I gain inspiration from everywhere, such as books, the Internet and also general life. But I feel a great source for inspiration is Pinterest.


We have since employed Ben as our Junior Account Manager. Internships don't always end in full time employment, however, Ben was such a good fit for Drew that we simply couldn't let him go. You can view his profile over on our team page.

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