I’ve never been a fan of making New Year Resolutions, they always feel somewhat forced and normally contain the same ideas: Lose Weight, Get Fit, Drink Less blah blah blah. As an alternative to Resolutions, last year Son gave us all a ‘Goals for 2014’ to be completed and signed to give it extra force.

I managed a very marginal amount of goals. Disappointing. I then saw this interesting blog post: ‘Using Three Words’ which inspired my studio brief:
Produce a poster. Put simply; a poster that would influence decisions and drivers through 2015. A poster that would allow the team insight into others lives and motivators.
Use any medium you require.

Designers, developers and our office assistant all got involved. Everyone approached the brief differently and we loved seeing what everyone came up with. Here are the results!

I'm so impressed with the results that we're having them printed and framed - a constant visual driver for 2015.

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Posted by Elle Moss

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