To give you a bit of background, Drew are directors of the Social Enterprise Organisation, Camerados. This is an organisation dedicated to bringing people together to discover friendship and purpose as we believe by developing these skills, they will overcome isolation and form bonds that will last and support them from now and forever. Launched four months ago with a variety of movements: from pop up cafés in Sheffield, to a gift wrapping business in Blackpool.

Today Elle was lucky enough to spend some time running a workshop with some incredible people; The Sheffield Camerados.

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that this group of Camerados blew me away. They were creative, compassionate and clear about what they wanted. They directed me with such vision and inspiration that producing a strong band was a breeze. I expect bumps along their journey; however, I hope that they continue with energy and vitality.

Here is a bit about Elle’s journey with them;

One of the Camerados solutions is a 6 day programme over 5 weeks working directly with people who are experiencing tough times – homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, mental health issues etc. We rapidly prototype micro-businesses and projects created by participants based on their talents, skills and the gaps in the local market. What’s unique is that participants’ micro-businesses are given shares and become owners of Camerados. As a co-operative movement, members support other groups getting started and keep going, so they have friends and purpose across the country.

One of the 5 days is spent looking at the power of brand and marketing. This is where we at Drew step up. Our role is to inspire, lead and help create a name, brand, strapline and marketing elements for their new business, all in the space of one day.

This group of Sheffield Camerados really impressed me from the start. They had several different business ideas. During the morning session nine ideas became three, three great business ideas then became one strong solid idea: personalised, laser cut, gifts and home wear to sell.

By 1 pm we had our name: Soul Traders

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