10 November 2021

Mysterious Users

Ever wondered how users really use your website? Is that call to action really working?

Wonder no more! HotJar is a fantastic app that allows you to study and demystify how users interact with your website. As a WordPress agency, the user findings allow us to make rapid iterations to our clients’ websites, increasing all those important conversion rates.

10 November 2021

Business Book MUST Read

Legacy by James Kerr is simply one of the most impactful, motivating and moving business ? that we’ve read! Full of powerful yet practical lessons allowing you to turn your vision into action and your action into an all-important legacy ?

“Inspired leaders, organizations and teams find their deepest purpose – their ‘why?’ – and attract followers through shared values vision and beliefs.”

10 November 2021

Brand Assets Easy Access

Constantly needing to access your brand assets (such as logo, colours, fonts, etc.)? Brandy allows you to put them in a dedicated little space in your menu bar and keep them in sync with your whole team.

10 November 2021

Blast from the past

Volkswagen re-purposed classics ads to come clean about emissions following its 2015 scandal – well played.