How we started, every first Thursday of the month

Here at Drew, we are firm believers in ‘Together we are Stronger’ and when we entered the mecca that is 3Space, International House, specifically the 7th Floor, we were astounded by the abundance of talent based here: from individual copywriters such as Claire (Copy By Claire) to Interior Design Tech RoomLab, to presentation expert Steve Simmonds (The Big Pitcher).

With these talented folks, we saw an opportunity to collaborate, share and support each other, and with that in mind, our networking evening was born.

Our founder Elle is a strong networker (she’s great at it!) and was inspired to introduce an informal format for the 7th-floor. The idea of Drew Talks was born and it allows every company and/or professional(s) to learn more about each other, by introducing themselves and their businesses before listening to an inspirational Lambeth-based talk.

We loved the idea of connecting our building to businesses that have made the most of Brixton and Lambeth to start a successful journey.

We quickly learned that Lambeth is a ‘hotspot’ for incredibly brave brilliant brands and as such we have invited local businesses to come in and share their journeys, dreams and advice.


It was very fitting that our first-ever 1st Thursday 7th Floor talk happened to be a much loved Brixton brand: Brixton Brewery

Jez Galaun and his wife Libby talked us through the Brixton Brewery journey. A family-run business, with a vision to bring a taste of Brixton to everyone. The passion, bravery, and dedication of Jez and his fellow founders shines through from the story of starting out as homebrewers with a dream, to a renowned brand with a huge fanbase.

Their identity captures and resonates with all that Brixton offers; a refreshing vibrancy, independence and above all incredible taste, added to which the Brixton Brewery supports multiple local community connections; from sponsoring the Ebony Horse Centre and our networking evenings, to the Brixton Bugle and Block 336 Art Gallery. They have grown from 20 litre homebrew batches to a 1500m2 brewery, taproom and currently make a whacking 60,000 pints/week.

The 7th Floor are regulars at the Brixton Brewery Taproom and it’s a ‘must visit’ for anyone wanting a taste of Brixton.


Mark’s background stems from the music industry, however, following a mid-thirties life and career re-think, Mark retrained as a general manager at the prestigious The Ethicurean in Somerset and found himself falling in love with high quality, seasonal produce and is driven to deliver beautiful food to all. Five years ago, Mark joined forces with two friends and launched Salon Brixton. The Salon brand has grown completely organically and now boasts of a Wine Store (selling biodynamic wine in the heart of Brixton), a Peckham restaurant – Levanand a new venture for 2020 (our lips are sealed on that one!). 

Mark’s frank and honest talk completely inspired the 7th floor with multiple residents noting how encouraging it is to hear that you can have such a dramatic career change and still succeed.


Shaun P is the CEO and inventor of the brand Tangle Teezer, whose lightbulb moment came in 2003 when he felt driven to completely, and in totality reinvent the hairbrush. He spent a lot of time at the British Library and using knowledge from his experience in the hair industry, and having been known as the ‘go-to detangler’, he began to develop the first professional detangling hairbrush. We learned about Tangle Teezer from Shaun’s appearance on the Dragon’s Den back in 2007. Despite being rejected, he was glad he went on the show “Yes, I benefited from it. I got a 15-minute commercial out of it!” 

The Tangle Teezer brand is now worth £200 million and Shaun demonstrates a clear passion for hair and a ‘no-hard-feelings’ attitude. His story to success is fascinating and inspiring. Podcast of the talk coming soon.

We are happy to report that the 7th Floor now has a very strong bond. The energy has increased and as a result, there’s a familiar atmosphere that wasn’t here previously. Stay tuned for more talks this year.

Like to join the next talk? No problem – drop us an email today and I’ll book you in.


Are you a Lambeth based business and you’d like an opportunity to share your story? Please drop Elle a line today:

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