This week, myself, Kerry and Emily visited the Camille Walala Exhibition at the Now Gallery in Greenwich.

Camille Walala originally graduated in textile design, however has now moved on to create digital print designs and patterns. Her recent work uses shapes and patterns, and her desire is to simply put a smile on everyone's faces. Camille Walala takes a lot of her inspiration from the Memphis movement which is why her work is so colorful and exhilarating.

The exhibition was named ‘Walala X Play’ and consisted of an installation built in the reception area of the Greenwich Peninsular. The installation was built like a maze and had her diverse range of patterns everywhere. In addition to the patterns, Walala used mirrors to create reflections of the patterns which made everything look endless and more exaggerated.

To enter the maze, you have to take your shoes off which means that floor and every wall inside is kept crisp and pristine, similar to the patterns themselves. The patterns within the maze consisted of horizontal and vertical lines, spots, dashes, squares and many other fun patterns, all of which included different coloured sections. The colours made everything so much more fun and exciting.

Walala’s idea of making her patterns into a maze was a really unique twist on how patterns could be used and also an installation is sometimes a lot more fun than just having framed photos up on a wall. The maze was such a great and unique experience!

Overall we all really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend a look if you're interested in patterns, shapes and color.

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