During ‘Drunch Club,’ (Drew Run at Lunch Club) our sporty team took the chance to check out some of the hottest spots of Clerkenwell Design Week by running from exhibition to exhibition along a 3k route around our local neighbourhood. By doing it this way, we figured we could see more of the festival than we would by walking, as well as taking our minds off how challenging the running is!

On route, we took rest breaks to photograph the parts of the festival we found most inspirational and gather some new contacts. The highlight of our journey was chatting to Cube Spaces regarding potential meeting/conference booths for our own office.

The highlight of our journey was chatting to Cube Spaces

OB&B was another stand out exhibition, the furniture they had on show was stunning, sparking inspiration and ideas for some of our current client projects involving interior art direction and 3D brand experiences.

Other contributions worth mentioning were the colourful Buzzi Space meeting space that looks like a climbing frame in Spa Fields park, as well as the striking installation by Hakwood wood flooring and wall tile company.

We cannot wait for next years festival!

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