For the past two years, the Drew London team have spent their Christmas party day spreading kindness and joy around the streets of London. This year, the 13th December was the dedicated day. The Drew Elves were back in force!

We spent the day carrying out good deeds that were requested by you; our friends, family, clients and the general public, on the website we created Throughout the whole day, our Christmas website was available for you to submit a good deed for any of the team to action.

The site is connected to our team’s Instagram account where you could see which members of the team had completed their personal target of 6 good deeds - which in turn allowed us to continue to the pub and the Drew Christmas Party.

We didn’t only want to enjoy ourselves, but we also wanted to spread kindness and joy, inspired by to all of those around us
Founder and CEO, Elle Moss.

This year, some of the deeds requested included giving a rose to a stranger with a smile, buying a coffee for a rough sleeper, donating food to a local food bank, give a lottery ticket to a stranger, message a friend 3 qualities you admire or respect about them and to check in with a friend you’ve not spoken to in a long time.

All in all, Drew managed to make hundreds of people smile, all completed at least 6 good deeds which lead them to their Christmas party whereby plenty of christmas cheer was had by all!

I gave a rose to a lady and she was so, so shocked! It took her a while to realise that I wasn’t a promoter and that I wasn’t trying to gain anything in return of the rose, but when I explained what the Drew Elves were doing, she was very happy and appreciative of the rose. It made me feel happy too!
Kerry, Designer at Drew London.

This is the second year running that we have dedicated a day for giving back during the festive period and we hope to do it for many more years to come. Why not join us next year? Email and you could have your own little elf on our site in 2018.

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