Don’t let distance stand in the way of communicating face to face!

Long distance communication has become a way of working for many organisations and has aided their successes, however here at Drew London we have experienced many benefits from having face to face meetings. Conference calls are great; they are convenient! However, although people ‘are there’ on a conference call, half of the time, they actually aren’t there. People get distracted by something else or are often actually doing something else, not paying 100% attention to the conversation; not even to mention the background noise of nattering in the office, roadworks, or anything else going on around them!

Although travelling to our clients incurs more time, cost and inconvenience, we feel that these are the meetings where the GREAT work begins. Being present physically in a meeting means that you are communicating not only by speaking, but with body language, which communicates a thousand words; it reinforces engagement. Added to which, being face to face with a client encourages participation which more often than not results in a more efficient meeting.

In July this year, our CEO Elle Moss, and our Designer Kerry Neesam, flew halfway around the world to Washington DC to hold brand and web workshops with one of our amazing, and loyal clients: BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, who are undertaking an exciting turn with their business focus and strategy.

we feel that these are the meetings where the GREAT work begins.

BridgeStreet are currently transforming from delivering serviced apartments to corporates, to making serviced apartments accessible to everyone, globally, by becoming a leading tech platform. To create a leading technical platform, collaboration is key. Elle and Kerry are lucky enough to have been working alongside the clever people at Right Point who are delivering strategies, solutions and results with the future website

Whilst in Washington DC, Elle and Kerry’s job was to align their brand to their vision and pinpoint their target audience, tone of voice and visual identity to ensure that the branding across all print and web becomes united, forward thinking and reflects the new vision for the business.

As well as being a very successful visit and pushing their visual identity to the next level, Elle and Kerry got the chance to do a lot of sightseeing whilst in the US which added to the experience for the two of them.

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