The recent talk in the Drew London office, with Valentine’s Day looming, has been about which restaurant we are all visiting with our valentine this year. We are all total romantics wanting to treat our better halves to the best meal we can. I asked the team where their favourite restaurant is in or around London… here’s some of our recommendations for where you could visit this Wednesday evening:


Kintan! It’s a Japanese BBQ Yakiniku-style restaurant (Japanese style of cooking bite-size meat) where you can order lots of little dishes to create your main meal depending on how hungry you are. Your meat comes raw, and you have a small BBQ in the centre of the table where you cook it yourself. It’s such a unique experience and brings so much fun to a date!

Temple of Seitan


I haven’t been to that many restaurants in London but I find myself often thinking back to Temple of Seitan in Hackney (I think they have one in Camden now as well). Imagine the perfect southern-fried chicken but totally vegetarian! They have managed to concoct a magical flavour ‘chicken’ alternative, combined with some beautiful sauces and sides with none of the guilt. Actually I think it’s vegan not vegetarian!


(Nadeem would not give 1 recommendation, but 3!)

No:1 - Roka in Canary Wharf -

The beef, asparagus and sweet potato are the best i’ve ever had! (Japanese style)

No:2 - Flat Iron -
Cheap but great steaks!

No:3 - Cattle & Co in Euston -

It has insane meat portions!

Cafe Pacifico


Cafe Pacifico -

What makes it special for me, is the authenticity of the Mexican food and they make hand made tortilla chips and have over a 100 brands of tequila! It's mexican food at it's very best!


As I'm all about sticking to a budget, yet have a serious case of FOMO I will always try and steer people to my favourite Thai place in Clapham - Kaosarn. The food is absolutely DELISH and also happens to be a BYO - perfect for a cheapskate like me!

Kao Sarn
Mamounia Lounge


My favourite restaurant is the Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge. It’s different and it makes me feel as though i’m 'out' - places like pizza express, you can buy the pizza in a supermarket and have it at home, however this place is unique, and it serves mainly Arabic dishes where Moroccan and Lebanese food have been combined to create some incredibly tasty cuisine. Overall the interior is very different and feels quite special.

Simply the most delicious food, cooked to perfection. Great service and a beautiful refurbishment, oh, and it’s just down the road from where I live! Win!


We hope you get the chance to try some of our favourite restaurants and hope your Valentine's day is filled with lots of love and happiness!


Love Team Drew x

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