This week I attended a talk by Minter Dial: Digital Innovation in Retail, hosted by the very clever peeps at Like Minds.

Minter Dial created Myndset in 2009 to help organisations adopt the new digital landscape. Dial projected passion and knowledge of the digital culture from the moment he was introduced.

Digital within the retail world goes far beyond 'screens in the store front'; the digital purpose is to connect the customer to the product; convert a campaign into sales, encourage conversations and build a community. Dial presented the Uniqlo "HEATTECH" launch campaign using digital to successfully promote, interact, educate and sell their product. Here's an overview video.

The opportunities for brands to be able to engage with the consumer has evolved, meaning that digital has the ability to connect through various channels such as rich media (QR codes, videos), augmented reality, mobile check-out, facial recognition, personalised signage, interactive mirrors, wifi within store, personalised light and sound. "Turn your store into a showroom"

Dial did have some words of warning: Digital technology "Has to work." That sounds obvious, however, Dial presented examples of when the technology has failed. Essentially high tech = Bugs. Bugs are bad, bugs happen, bugs have to be fixed. Prioritise bug fixing.

We're massively excited about creating engaging digital to help our clients promote their brands and products, watch this space!

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