All hail mag man!

Before you walk round the corner of Leather Lane and spend a whopping £10 to £20 in Magma, have a butchers at some of the back issues that you can pick up for as little as £1.50, or even grab three for £4! Don't be fooled, the stall isn't just full of Men's Health and OK! magazines (not that I'm judging), but dig deep and you'll find a few decent Computer Arts magazines and even a Printed Pages!

There's nothing wrong with buying old issues and there's nothing wrong with selling old issues, good content is still good content after all.

I really don't want to mention, or talk about the death of print, it's an over discussed topic which doesn't need anymore attention. But magazine market stalls could be a good vehicle for independent publishers to start selling more of their mags.

Whether they're back issues, second hand, dog eared, doesn't really matter. I can't imagine publishers get much of a cut from mag man, but they're still getting picked up by loyal readers and if I could have shifted left over issues even without making any money, I would have; it still increases your readership, and it would have free'd up some bedroom space!

For more info on the rest of Leather Lane's stall owners head over to:

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