I joined Drew over a year ago through the charity lead apprenticeship: Step Forward. On completion of my course Drew offered me a junior creative full time position whilst studying a Graphic Design nine month course at the Shillington College. I can learn the skills to become a Graphic Designer! I honestly couldn’t have felt happier when Drew offered me the position!

The course started in September and runs on a Monday and Tuesday evening from 6pm-9:30pm, but some of us turn up at 5:30pm in order to discuss the homework and exhibitions we’ve been to that week. It’s also a really good time to share any information about any exhibitions, events or creative talks that are on around us that we could all go to.

The first semester, which I’m currently halfway through, has had a strong focus on Adobe InDesign and the print side of design, whilst also teaching us the importance of design principles all of which are really valuable when working on live projects with Drew. The evenings consists of either a lecture or talk which guides us into the next brief. The briefs are a really unique part of this course because they allow us to work as though we are creating work for real clients.

So far the Shillington College course has taught me loads about simply looking everywhere at what is around me and becoming more aware and inspired.

As the first semester has developed, the briefs have become longer which is great as it gives us a chance to focus on all the elements of completing a brief such as research, mood boards, idea generation and also thumbnailing, before rolling out the final ideas and working on three main options. Thumbnailing is a really useful way of getting your ideas down on paper, so that is when we sketch out ideas before we do them.

During the conception stage we have regular reviews as a class to critique each other's work which is really helpful for us all to push projects to the next level, as it challenges our work.

As I have completed more briefs, I’m gaining in confidence and believe my deliverables are becoming more exciting and more considered.

So far the Shillington College course has taught me loads about simply looking everywhere at what is around me and becoming more aware and inspired. We’ve been encouraged to use Instagram more and finding blogs that I genuinely enjoy reading, not necessarily to do with design but to do with what I love; here’s some that I’ve particularly enjoyed:

Its Nice That,  The Design Blog , Typetoken, Creative boom, and Logo Design Love

I have loved visiting so many inspirational exhibitions. The first exhibition I went to was The House of Minalima in Soho , which was an exhibition focusing on the print work from the Harry Potter films. It was incredible, especially having the opportunity to see all of the different elements that contributed to the final films. It’s crazy how much thought went into the production of the film, and how you only notice all these small elements when they are put in front of you.

As we head towards Christmas, I have just had my first review which went really well. Overall, I’m really enjoying the course and I think by the end of it I will be in a really good position to start my career in graphic design being part of the Drew Crew!

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