The latest iteration of our Drew business cards are a literal nod to our namesake; Major George Drew.

My grandfather was flattered and very supportive of his name being used for my branding agency when I set it up 12 years ago.

The Drew team wanted to link our new business cards directly to him. Grandpa was a prisoner of war for most of WWII. Captured in 1940, he escaped from two prisons by digging and tunnelling, but was caught so ended up in Colditz Castle which put an end to his escape plans. To pass the time he found another form of escapism; making alcohol and carving.

It had always been his dream to make a chess set but he started by carving nude women, at least one a month. February, said to be his future wife, my grandmother, became the White queen with Mars (Grandpa was born in March) her king. Other characters, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Lion and the Unicorn, Walrus and the Carpenter, were inspired by his favourite fantasy stories. The pawns all represented his prison mates or the strange vegetables served up for them to eat.

He also carved necessarily intricate fake German passport stamps for the escape teams, which we have taken literally, producing stamps for each member of staff.

I guess the next memory to recreate is distilling alcohol (watch the video of my grandfather distilling here)?!

My grandfather, Major George Drew busy carving

He often stated his belief that “you have to have great marketing to sell a product”.

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