Last month, Drew was approached by the creative agency, Electric Sunshine, to work alongside them on a very exciting project: Create some T-Shirt designs for the launch of H&M Birmingham.

Not only was this a great opportunity to work on an exciting project, but it was also fantastic to collaborate with another agency and to create some awesome tee's for their client. The project was carried out in different stages with the design team at Drew were up against a tight deadline. Here’s how the project rolled out.

Step One - Clarifying the brief

We had to ensure we understood the agencies brief it’s always really important to ask questions! We brainstormed together as a team about what route we would take whilst  asking ourselves…’ok, what exactly is the brief asking for?’

The brief outlined four designs: A skyline of Birmingham, a geometric pattern, a floral design, and an “I love birmingham” typographic design, all of which would be used for screen printing onto pieces of clothing.

Step Two - Idea generation

Since this was such a tight deadline, we had to move fast, so we divided the work up and started idea generating straight away, using our ‘go-to’ mood board creator: Pinterest.

With the Birmingham skyline; it was a perfect opportunity to use the Ipad Pro and Apple Pencil to create a sketch-y, yet graphic and bold skyline of Birmingham. Having never been to Birmingham, we researched lots of images, and picked out some of the landmarks that were on multiple photographs, as well as architecture that stood out to us; one was the large shopping arena and another was the historic landmark - the bull.

Step Three - Constructive feedback

After sending the designs over, we awaited feedback and received some constructive feedback really quickly. They loved our first stab at the brief and made some minor suggestions; for example to tweak the skyline sketch so that it was more graphic than grungy, but still keeping a sketchy style. Another suggestion was to edit the floral design so that it was restricted to the centre of the t-shirt rather than the branches, leaves and flowers branching off to cover the full front. This suggestion was to help make the screen printing process work more effectively because it would be printing on a specific restricted area.

Step Four - Finalising the design

After making the suggested amendments and finalising the designs,  we sent over our next round for Electric Sunshine to feedback upon. They were happy with what we had come up with and had some very final changes which we completed. After receiving such positive feedback from Electric Sunshine, we felt very confident with the designs and were really happy with the outcome. We generated artwork, creating vector files of everything in order for the screen printers to move forward in good time ahead of the event.

Final Designs

Step Five - The big event

We all really enjoyed working on the project and when we got into work the next morning, we had an invite asking us to come and be a part of the store launch in Birmingham! Two of our team; Shannon and Emily, went to represent the Drew crew! Electric Sunshine said: “Client is very happy, thank you! It’s great working with you.”

Shannon says:

As a junior designer, it was an honour to not only have an opportunity to work on a project like this, but to also be able to see it all come to life! Meeting the team from Electric Sunshine was also brilliant, it was great to see that they were happy with the outcome as well as us

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