If you read our Junior Designer’s blog post from March 2017 about 36 Days of Type, then you will know exactly what the typographic challenge is. For those of you who don’t, it’s a 36 day-long creative project for any individual (you don’t have to be a designer) who would like to join in the challenge of expressing their view of a particular letter or number each day of the project. You take part by uploading your artwork on Instagram and hashtagging the daily hashtag to identify your image.

In 2017, Shannon and I loved having 36 days of restless creativity where we could express each letter, from our own personal perspective. As well as this, searching a particular days’ hashtag and viewing what everyone else from all over the world had created was inspiring and motivating. Seeing endless possibilities of creativity was the best part.

As well as this, searching a particular days’ hashtag and viewing what everyone else from all over the world had created was inspiring and motivating. Seeing endless possibilities of creativity was the best part.

This year I challenged myself to produce every single letter and number of the project so that I would have my own creation of 36 Days of Type. It was great being able to have such an open brief. The only limitation is that a certain letter or number is to be shared on a certain day, however how this is expressed is completely down to your own perception and creativity.

I used this opportunity to challenge myself to see how many different ways I could express the letters and numbers, whilst also sticking to my style of design and enjoying having the creative freedom every day, using processes that I love - photography, vector design and illustration. My favourite three from the full set of 36 designs that I produced are these three below:

I - I love the juxtaposition between the sharp graphical vector shapes of the letter, against the contrast of the colourful swooshes and texture behind.

O - This one particularly stands out to me because it not only represents the shape of the letter, but it represents the shape that your mouth makes whilst saying ‘O’, and this is represented literally with a mouth.

P - P for pretty. The delicately placed flowers were arranged carefully into the shape of a P to represent ‘pretty’. This one was very fun to create!

Shannon also enjoyed joining in with 2018’s challenge and here are some of her favourite creations:

Shannon says:
C - I love abstract designs, something that is hidden and makes people say ‘Can you see the letter in that design?’...As well as this, I love being able to create a letter based on what mood i’m in that day.

G - As you can see that on this day I was in a more literal kind of mood..I wanted to use shapes and strokes and do something simple and clean in illustrator.

H- I have a love of contrast and pastel colours so i decided that the thing i would consider more in this letter would be the bold colour that stands out in the shadow.”

I’ve posted my full set from the 36 Days below from 2017 and 2018, and as you will probably quite quickly notice, this year I have used a colour theme throughout the designs. Last year, I gave myself total freedom of colour and style, therefore this year, I wanted to give myself a little more of a challenge by having one element that I had to stick to - which I chose to be colour. Using the colour blue turned out to be quite flexible. I started with a palette of about 5 shades, as well as finding patterns, textures and materials that I could photograph or illustrate to use for my designs. As well as this, I used photoshop effects to edit some of the designs to make them seem blue. For example, I used ‘colour overlay’ on the ‘O’. Unfortunately I don’t own any blue lipstick, therefore I had to kiss some paper using red lipstick, then edit this in order to turn it blue.

Overall, I love the type set that I designed in 2017, but this years are even better! I feel like the blue colour theme really brings the typography designs together and makes them looks like a set.

36 Days of Type 2018
36 Days of Type 2017

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