Over the past few months, our design team have been working with one of our partners, Hunter Gatherer, on the design of an exhibition stand for the Business Travel Show 2018 on behalf of our amazing client BridgeStreet.

BridgeStreet were the first to deliver an OTA over 12 months ago. Bridgestreet.com now delivers an incredible 144,000 units, globally to the ever increasing demand for extended stay, guaranteed and hosted accommodations.

We were tasked to create a stand that would serve a dual purpose: Attracting both supply partners and travel managers.

As a designer, there’s something incredible about designing for print and exhibition stands; being able to see the physical finished product at the end of a process - it gives you a such a great sense of accomplishment. In this instance, with the exhibition stand being so gigantic, it was even more satisfying. The designers at Drew London had only ever seen the designs of the exhibition stand on a small screen, or a section of the design printed on our A3 printers to test the size. We hadn’t seen the stand as a whole. Therefore, when we arrived at the Business Travel Show 2018 on 21st February, immediately noticing our clients exhibition stand, we were taken back by how incredible it looked.

Check out some photographs below from our visit. We’re sure you will agree with us on how premium the brand looks, and how amazing the printed graphics and grid of imagery looks, demonstrating the quality of the accommodation, with incredible global locations. The narrative of: ‘List it. Find it. Book it’ speaks to both target markets and ran across all collateral.

The business travel show was a really fantastic way to see so many different ideas and designs for exhibition stands and event space. Here’s a quote from our Junior Designer who thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to see such a large scale piece of artwork that she has worked on the designs for in situ:

Having worked on this project, it was fantastic to see it live and in action - it was exactly how we had envisioned; the imagery we had chosen had tints of orange sunsets that worked SOOOOO well with the aqua blue wall - it looked amazing! It’s great as a designer to know you have made a difference and made something better, partly the reason I love my job.

The business that stood out the most to our creative team was Booking.com. They had the space in the very centre of the Business Travel Show exhibition. The user journey of their exhibition stand had evidently been very considered; with live guitarists, a tea/coffee cart, a sweet stand, lots of tables and chairs, bean bags and places to sit, and plenty of people manning the stand that you could chat to - they had thought about the full experience, creating a very interactive and fun area.

As well as the design team visiting the exhibition, Drew’s Account Director, Tim, was with our client for the full two days of the Business Travel Show. Here's what he thought 

I was amazed at how high the level had been set with those exhibiting at the show. It had been some years since last attending one of the BTS’s and ``everyone has certainly raised their game” in terms of stand design, brand messaging and marketing collateral that was being given out to interested parties.

Another successful year at the Business Travel Show. Such a great day out to gather some inspiration and see our designs in action. Thank you to our brilliant client BridgeStreet for inviting us down. See you all next year!

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