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As the autumn leaves start to fall, we felt the time was right to celebrate Drews relocation to our Brixton roots and share our experience so far here as part of 3Space International House.

First of all, if you didn’t know, Elle founded Drew London in Brixton! Encouraged and driven by the community, she set up her first little office in what -at the time- was a small garage. Forward the clock 14 years; Drew London is now proudly part of 3Space International House, London’s largest affordable workspace, and a new home for entrepreneurs, local organizations and creative businesses. BuyGiveWork is an initiative started and funded by the Lambeth Council, for every space bought, one is given away providing and facilitating youth innovation, charities and social enterprises within the Lambeth and Southwark communities.

In the past few months, we have met and become great friends with lots of new businesses and creatives; freelance writers to interior designers  RoomLab, tutoring company Minerva Tutors, local initiatives such as Business Launchpad, who provide free business counselling and workshops to young people, and Urban Growth, who are growing the green communities across all London.

The sense of community is, in fact, influencing our work approach and it sparked various different projects that involve the Brixton community and its culture, and the incredible atmosphere that we wouldn’t be able to absorb if we were in the city or in a different part of London.

Our fabulous view!

A fresh new start meant that we have reconsidered and reevaluated a lot of what we do; if you know us, you know that we care a lot about purpose and causes, and constantly strive (or try to!) to be the best we can to support our clients and partners at our very best. 

We have been busy launching and organising Drew Talks, a series of talks and networking events to give local business and entrepreneurs the chance to share their story and why Brixton has contributed to the success of their businesses and we have also launched Drew Foundation, a new dedicated space with the sole purpose of delivering understandable, educational and inclusive support and mentoring.

Brixton has always been a melting pot of cultures, creativity and colors and 3Space is really bringing it all together and we are so proud to be part of this!

Nevertheless, spending the past summer in Brixton also meant that we could soak up in  PopBrixton almost every day, stroll around the village and have our Friday drinks at Brixton Brewery (if you are a regular, we are the loud bunch always laughing in the Taproom).

So, if you made it 'till her and have decided to escape central London and come down South to explore more of what Brixton has to offer (and of course, we know it’s just an excuse to come see us!!!), these are our favourite spots in the area:

Where to eat

Souvlaki Street if you fancy a real Greek Gyro
Sakeya London for the best katsy curry
Studmuffin for the halloumi burger

Where to drink

Brixton Brewery Taproom for a real taste of Brixton
Canova Hall (or Upstairs if you are lucky) if you need a place for a lunch meeting or drinks.

Where to shop

Joy for the best gifts (and it started here too!)
Morleys an independent department store opened in 1880
and Brixton Village !

We hope we have inspired you and sparked some curiosity in you - if you want to come down to Brixton, make sure you let us know and we'll take you around!

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