Whether you’re already online or are taking your business there for the first time, it can be an exciting yet anxiety-inducing time. There was a time where being visible in an online environment would have set you apart from the majority, but as we all know, those times are long gone. The internet is now an absolute ocean of information and content; standing out amongst the crowd is no easy feat.

Picture this: you have a fantastic product or service that you know sells – it’s tried and tested. You know it’s time to get this in front of a broader audience, and there’s only one place for it: online. You set up a website quickly, all in one day, you get all of your landing pages mapped, content is written and it’s all published and ready to go in 24 hours. As soon as your site goes live the phone rings, you change tab to your emails and see your inbox begin to spill over; the potential leads, customers and purchases – they’re voracious for your product! You navigate to Google and find that you’re ranking on page one, no wonder the calls and emails keep coming! It’s amazing; it’s fantastic, it’s unbelievable its’… wait it’s unbelievable.

We’d love to tell you that making money online is as simple as being there, but the truth of the matter is: there are vast complexities and difficulties that come with succeeding online.
It can be very frustrating not to get the results you want – there are things you should consider to remedy this.

Time to Step Back, Plan and Prioritise

The key to future success is having a strong plan – you should have an idea of where your business is going, what you’d like to offer and how you are going to achieve your goals. This applies equally to your website. When it comes to marketing teams, a lot of companies today are suffering from what we call “Head Chef Syndrome” and it has noticeable symptoms.

When you visit a restaurant, you’d likely find it strange if you were greeted at the door by the head chef. Before you have time to question this however, he or she takes your coats and shows you to your table. They light the candle, before taking your order. They bring the drinks over, which they poured from the bar, head to the kitchen and begin to cook your food. During this time, multiple other customers are asking for their assistance, the phone is ringing, and something is burning. You decide perhaps it’s time to leave.

You wouldn’t expect the head chef to carry out all of these different activities, so why as businesses do we expect that of our marketing team or worse our singular marketing manager? Part of stepping back, planning and prioritising is ensuring we have the right people, in the right role, doing what they do best.

Without the correct skillsets, the right amount of resources and the time in which to complete a task effectively, even the most dedicated team will become frustrated and productivity will dwindle.

Enter Footprint Digital and their Digital Marketing Audit

We find that it’s much easier to properly plan and prioritise when all the information is laid bare in an easily readable and digestible form. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to come up with, and continue to perfect, our Digital Marketing Audit.

The accurate diagnostic tool benchmarks exactly how your website is performing while presenting the size of your potential online market. In short – it shows you the big issues holding you back. It includes:

Tracking Audit – Without a robust data collection, it’s hard to make the most informed decisions on how to progress. This audit will ensure that tracking is set up effectively across your website.

Google Analytics Audit – Here we’ll be able to deduce the historical performance of traffic to your website. This may reveal some interesting trends or demographics for you to target.

Initial Keyword Research and Position Report – Keywords are important; if you’re not targeting the best ones, it’s highly likely you’re missing out on business. We’ll show you which keywords would be the most profitable target, and how you currently rank for these terms.

SEO Technical Audit – This detailed section will crawl your entire site and run up a list of technical recommendations that will need implementation. From accessibility and indexation to link integrity to overall site speed, this report reveals the essentials of getting Google to love your site.

PPC Feasibility Report – We will look at the opportunity your products or services have within Google Ads and the likelihood of its success. Already utilising Google Ads? Then we’ll review the current success rate of the account.

Competitor Analysis – Lastly, we’ll take a look at 5 of your top online competitors and benchmark their sites usability and user experience next to yours; enlightening you on potential changes.

Need help with Your Marketing?

Feel the frustration slip away as all the data you’ll need to make informed decisions is presented beautifully in front of you. At Footprint Digital, we believe there’s nothing a business can’t achieve, and we’re here to help you make more money online. Please don’t fall prey to Head Chef Syndrome, contact the experts today so we can help you step back, plan and prioritise a fruitful online future.

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