I always give a slight tremor when I hear the age-old saying until it was pointed out that the true version is far less accusatory: `Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.`

You see, I have always looked at being multi-talented, with multiple abilities as a gift.

When we look for a new Drew team member, I study the candidate’s ‘T Shape’.

Being T Shaped in Drew is essential; it gives every member a broad knowledge of multiple skills with deep expertise in one particular subject.

For example, my senior Deanna is the most incredible brand designer; she has a deep knowledge of brand development that she has developed over the years.
However, Deanna can also illustrate, animate, write content, pin-sharp quality assurance, present and work across print and digital. Check out her interview with our Digital Marketing Strategist describing no two days at Drew being the same!

Looking inwardly at my skill base, and you could quite rightly argue that as a CEO, you are essentially the most T shaped of them all. I love people – my team, my clients, suppliers, prospects – everyone! I love learning about what drives them and what they aspire to. I believe people to be my core skill. However, I am a dab hand at IT (yes, really), financial planning, artworking, proposal writing, and brand development.

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