Since visiting London as a tourist for so many years, it was an unusual feeling travelling here for an interview that could potentially turn me into an actual Londoner. When applying for the Mid-Weight Designer role at Drew London, they were already two weeks into their interview process, but luckily I had taken it upon myself to call the studio prior to applying. (My dad did once teach me to be proactive rather than reactive!!) I was able to speak directly to Founding Partner, Stephen about the role and find out a bit more about Drew and the dynamics of the team. This is what made me stand out from the 50+ applicants, and I was given the opportunity to complete a brief; a past piece of work from their very loyal client Bridge Street Global Hospitality.

Meeting James, Creative Director at Drew London at Prufrock Café where the warm ‘proper’ hot chocolate (not the instant rubbish I’m used to) welcomed me to London and my nervous self chatted through my portfolio and the Bridge Street Global Hospitality work that I had completed. A brand is intangible, it is not a physical asset, therefore is determined by the consumer’s perception of the brand, which is why I always design with reason; meaning talking through my portfolio was smooth and considered… I was the one who had created the designs, so I knew why the blue was blue and why a logo was round as opposed to square. I felt the interview went well, and after a second interview via Skype with Elle and Stephen, I was offered the amazing position of Mid-Weight Designer at Drew London. I was ecstatic. A new start! An exciting move to the big smoke was on the horizon! The move was pretty stress free, pilling all of my clothes and belongings into the car and making the move in one trip. All be it a five hour drive, we did it! (We, being my partner Max and I). Moving into our new home was the most exciting thing ever – our first home together! And I was ready to start my first week at Drew!

Everyone was so welcoming and lovely – burgers at Ninth Ward helped with the warm welcome – they were delicious!! Cracking on with live work in the first week was very exciting, the clients are all ace and I immediately felt an important part of the team. It was very quickly apparent how organised and productive everyone is at Drew; with a clear process in place, they most definitely hit the work/life balance. Stand ups every morning with a super speedy round up of what everyone is working on that day helps the team know what each other are doing and where they’ll be. Production and organisation devices implemented mean no stress, and all having a clear vision for what the clients goals are contribute to creating a lovely working environment for everyone.

Almost a month in, I feel like I have been here forever; everyone is so NICE, the team and the clients (AND SPIKE, the office doggy). I’ve already seen so many projects come in and out of the door, ate so many sweets, biscuits and chocolates, drank so much alcohol, and tried so many new restaurants (Including a cool place near Chancery Lane called Kintan where you BBQ your own meats! I know right!?) I’m not just saying this because it’s going on the Drew website blog!! But Drew really is a great place to work. Already I feel at home, am getting to work on some very exciting projects and I am loving being a Londoner (apart from when my accent sounds so drainy, dull and common) I’m sure I’ll turn posh soon! Watch this space!

Tips for moving to London

  • Make sure you refer to your evening meal as ‘Dinner,’ not ‘Tea,’ or everyone will think you’re just having a cuppa
  • Don’t be polite and let people on the train before you… PUSH or you won’t get on!
  • Walk fast or you’ll get on everyone’s nerves… just walk fast
  • Download ‘’Citymapper – it’s been a great help!
  • Wear comfy shoes
  • Explore, explore and explore more… London has so much to offer!
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