What is it?

For Drew London’s 2016 Christmas campaign we wanted to share kindness in our local community, while also involving our friends, family & clients in the process.

We created a microsite that let users submit kind acts that we could then complete. Some tasks were as simple as speak with a stranger, others a little more involved, like give blood.

Why did we create it?

We have had many Christmas parties that have been full of laughter and happiness for ourselves, but this year, we looked at the bigger picture and wanted to get the community involved as we know not everyone is as lucky as us at Christmas.

Read more about that here.

How did we create it?

This is a great example of how wordpress can be used for a variety of functions, not ‘just a blog’.

We began scoping out the design and layout of the pages internally on the whiteboard, coming up with various ideas of layouts whilst always considering the development and interactions we wanted.

We had the following requirements.

Before and on the day:

  • Allow friends, family, and clients to submit tasks.
  • Allow friends, family, and clients to assign the task to a Drew team member
  • Moderate any Tasks before they display on the website.
  • Display Tasks on the website assigned to the relevant team member
  • Tweet the task and who it was from the Drew twitter account

On the day:

  • Have Drew team members log in
  • Display tasks assigned to them
  • Display tasks assigned to ‘Anyone can complete’
  • Let user complete a task, add a comment and either select an image from Instagram or upload an image.
  • Display the image and comment on the homepage.
  • Move the user closer to the destination on the timeline when completing the task.

The completed tasks were tracked and shown on a timeline, the more tasks completed, the closer the elf would get to the pub!

The 'Submit your wish' page. Users could either select from a suggested wish or type their own. They can also nominate a particular person to fulfil the wish.

We ensured all wishes were moderated before appearing on the website

We used Twitter's API to tweet out requests

Our admin interface which allowed us to complete the tasks and attach an image with it, either from our Instagram of from a file picker

The campaign was a huge success. In one day, we received around 160 wishes and completed 112 of them!

Up next

Office Music App

A Chrome extension - that allows us to contribute to the office music playlist without having to request songs from one another


A Slack command that posts directly to our Twitter account, tagging the person whose account the command was sent from

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