What is it?

In the Drew office, we are big fans of having music playing while we’re working. It keeps the tempo going and motivates us. So we created an application that sits in the toolbar of our browsers, that allows us to contribute to the office music playlist without having to request songs.

Why did we create it?

There were a number of reasons why we wanted to create this and it was something we thought would be helpful to the office and would also allow the office music to be chosen fairly so that a mixture of everyone's preferences can be played, instead of people having to listen to Joe’s rap-only library, they could queue songs that they liked, and mix it up.

Additionally we sometimes found that it was difficult to be on a call, and request the music to be lowered, especially when the person controlling the music was out of the office. With the music app, anyone could now control the volume/play/pause.

How did we create it?

For this, we decide to use Mopidy, a music server written in python.

We attached a spare mac mini to our speaker setup and ran the server on it. There is a great open-source web client that we used to provide web control.

After some hacking apart to remove sections we didn't necessarily need, we packaged this into a Google Chrome extension, available for the whole team to use.

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