What is it?

A Slack command to post directly to our Twitter account, tagging the person whose account the command was sent from. We call it ‘Sleek’.

Why did we create it?

Aside from the fact we’re always forgetting our login details, we wanted to have a more effective way for posting and keeping active. It also provided a much easier way for individuals who felt like sharing to post quickly without having to faff about signing in and out of their Twitter account.

We have an inspiration channel in slack that we post great things we find on the web and out and about. We thought this would be a great way to share the things we love with our followers on twitter and give shout outs to the guys creating them.

How did we create it?

The first thing was to set up a Slack slash command. We went with "/sleek".

This allowed us to post the message written in Slack to our server, so we could deal with it there.

After we pulled apart the message, we used Twitter's auth library, Abraham, to post the message and link to Twitter.

We also decided to pull in the Slack user and add them to the end of the tweet to add a bit more personalisation to the post.

As well as feedback in Slack that the message had been posted

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