We've been changing the way that we run our projects at Drew.

Having been inspired by, and with help from Emily Webber, we've started to adopt a lean approach to running our projects and are using a kind of kanban board to help.

The Lego board is split into 3 main areas; to do, doing, and done. A project will live in one of these three areas.

Each project has a card which is attached to a brick (a 2×6) and moved between the areas as it progresses through it’s life in the studio. The card shows the job number, client name and job description (which might be a single task in a larger job). All of this allows us to see what stage a job is at.

The second function of the board is task allocation. For this we each use a coloured brick (1×4) and attach it to a project. We only have five of these bricks each as this feels like the most tasks any one of us can handle at one time. Tasks will either be assigned by the project’s manager or can be self assigned – it should be clear which tasks are in ‘doing’ and are currently un-assigned.

The task allocation and status of each job is talked about in our ‘stand up’ every morning (which we do sitting down with a coffee). We ask ourselves three questions: what did we each do yesterday, what are we doing today, and is anything stopping us. This doesn’t take long, and means that we all have a good grasp of the current work load in the studio.

If you’d like to try this out, we’ll be posting an instruction kit soon!

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