One of the best things about Monday mornings in the Drew office is a lovingly-made cup of delicious, frothy coffee. For those of you unlucky enough not to have a Stephen Walker of your own (our in-house coffee maker, as well as Creative and Digital Director), here are my top three London coffee shops:

Nude Espresso: The one we visit most as we get our coffee beans from the Nude in Soho (as well as coffee on the days we can't be bothered to make it!). But I can assure you that the Spitalfields branch serves stuff just as tasty.

Monmouth Coffee Company: For all you coffee lovers on the south side of the river there's a Monmouth coffee house in Borough Market, London Bridge, as well as the one in Covent Garden. They also roast their beans locally in Bermondsey. Just beware of the queues on Saturdays!

ST. ALi: If you also have time for breakfast then this is the choice for you, as their poached eggs on sourdour are the best and make a perfect accompaniment to their delicious creamy coffee.

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Posted by Elle Moss

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