Drew is very honoured to be able to present the Emmy London re-brand that we've undertaken over the past few months.

Emmy's re-brand story goes something like this: as an established, bespoke, wedding shoes and accessories brand, in 2011 Emmy was commissioned to create the shoes that Carole and Pippa Middleton wore to the royal wedding. The Middletons completely fell in love with the products and asked Emmy for several other elements, such as clutch bags, evening shoes and accessories.

The press raised following the Middletons' wearing of the Emmy products resulted in Emmy speaking to an entirely new market: occassional wear. Thus, a new brand was required; a brand that would speak to the Emmy target customer.

Drew took Emmy through the entire re-brand process, ensuring we discovered the brand values of the products, competitor set, peer group, and target market, as well as the journey of the shoes from inital sketch to beautifully packaged and delivered product.

The final brand relates directly to essence of Emmy London: Elegantly crafted, quintessentially British, and undeniably beautiful.

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Posted by Elle Moss

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