I was completely thrown this Monday by hearing my Granpa’s voice; He was on a Channel 4 documentary ‘Escape from Colditz’  You can view it here.

Major George Drew was my Granpa and the man behind our brand. Forever an inspiration to me, past, present and the future.

Granpa never spoke of Colditz until one day, 14 years ago, he suddenly decided he’d “like to go back there before its turned into a hotel”. In fact, following the war, Colditz was turned into a mental institute. He thought that was very fitting (he had a dark sense of humour).

For those of you that know me, I often talk about Granpa; his POW stories, escaping two prison camps, distilling his own alcohol, carving a chess set, learning fluent Italian whilst in solitary confiement, tying tiny notes onto hornets, killing and eating the Colditz cat, etc. Such an incredible gentleman; honourable, stubborn, such stamina, such strength, a booming voice and incedibly tall.

I was his only Grandaughter (he had 4 Grandsons) and I was forever in awe of him. He was very proud to be the man behind the name and enjoyed watching Drew grow. I try and resonate his strength whenever I can.

For the sharp-eyed amongst you, ‘Granpa’ is not misspelled. He insisted that he was not a ‘Grandpa’ as he felt it was too much of a statement.

Forever an inspiration to me, past, present and the future.
Above: Granpa in the Colditz courtyard 50 years after his release.
Colditz Castle

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