Introducing Chirasree (Shree) Digital Marketing Strategist

While growing up in India, the works of Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen and DH Lawrence fascinated me. I wanted to be as close as possible to their inspirations. So, when I finished my A-Levels, I came to the U.K to pursue higher education. I sat on the plane imagining myself walking among top hats, smoking pipes, horse-drawn carriages and climbing the steps of Hogwarts! So when I reached Hertfordshire and spent the first month losing my way around the underground, needless to say, my dreams were shattered.

But it has not all been broken hearts because I had the best time pursuing a degree in Marketing and later a Masters in Business Management.

What I enjoyed the most was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my favourite things – storytelling and digital. You see, digital media is the future. It is experimental and here to stay. Look at all that we achieved in the last year- digitally! So when you are a curious ball of energy like me, who loves to read, experiment and search for the ‘why’s – digital media becomes fun.

Plus, being an immigrant in a foreign country, your experience builds you up for resilience, lessons, and keeping a finger on the pulse on the world around you. I utilise these exact skillsets to have fun with digital. I approach my projects with an open mind. I feel out the pain points, look into the nooks and corners to truly understand what makes the business unique. After all, we all have a story to tell. When it comes to social media, that is precisely what you want to share with your audience too. What makes you, you?  

What makes me, is my incredible capacity to empathise. It is both my strength and weakness. So I face life with optimism, a heart for the betterment, and shameless vulnerability. My mother has been my biggest inspiration. Her life has been shaped by acute patriarchy. But she is a badass and she always emerged triumphantly. She became the first woman in our family to become a banker. I grew up listening to “Work like you never need a man”. Well, besides the irony that I turned out to be queer, my achievements are our shared success stories!  

Hi, I am Chirasree and the new digital media strategist. My first month at the Drew family has been incredible! Now that we offer digital services in-house, I am eager to hear your stories and deliver kick-ass social media management for you. Come and talk to me.

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