You’ve probably heard this one: ‘The work is only as good as the brief’. But here’s the thing… writing a brief is blinking challenging. So, let us help you!

I’ve meant to write this post for years. What propelled me back into ‘write mode’ is a client has just emailed us, no brief – just make it pop!

My heart sank. I now have to brief my creative team and … guess what our client requires?!

Luckily, in this instant, I do know the clients’ requirements, target audience, and brand identity inside out, so the result was client delighting! However, those emails are not as rare as you’d think, and there are vast swathes of time wasted trying to understand what to deliver. 

Cue this post with what I hope is a quick and easy solution to brief writing. I have included an editable pdf, found here, that you can take away and use at your leisure.

We work with business owners and marketing directors alike. The ‘brief’ must work for everyone. A word from my (too many years to type out) experience, the very best briefs come from having a conversation; it can be hard to convey an idea through text and emails. My advice: pick up the phone!

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