Inspired by Brian’s grandmother, Valentina, the love they shared, and the encouragement she bestowed onto him, Brian travelled the world creating heaven-like dishes bringing the best of his global cuisine back to Brixton. Each dish will tell a story, and every story will resonate with the customer, taking them on a journey.


In homage to Valentina, we created an illustrated emblem-style logo inspired by vintage travel pins to echo the international feeling Brian wanted to bring to his menu. The restaurant name is haloed over Valentina, enshrining her into the restaurant she inspired.

Our process started with a rough sketch of the concept and moved onto a higher-resolution image by collaging different elements, such as the typeface with an illustration to get more of a feel for what the end product may look like – finally we combined the illustrated portrait of Brian’s Grandmother, Valentina with the bespoke typeface for the final design.

One of the main features of this project is Danclair Sans. A bespoke typeface we created for Danclair’s to encapsulate the emotive theme of the restaurant. The letters appear to be dancing, or in motion, and are loose but full of character – just as unique as the cuisine!

Danclair Sans Alphabet
Danclairs Icon

Every detail of Brian’s story was taken into consideration. Keeping travel pins in mind, we created two unique designs, one based off the lotus tiles visitors can see dotted around Danclair’s, and another as a special message to Brian to remind him of his roots growing up on Grasshopper Street.