Who are they?

Eden in the City is a vertical farming start-up in the fresh produce sector. Using innovative FarmTech, Eden grows fresh and flavourful salads and herbs.

Eden is for people who care about their health, and the health of the planet. No chemicals are used at any stage of the process which means the produce from Eden is clean and more organic than even organic certified produce.


We set out to create a full brand identity for Eden in the City. We wanted investors to immediately connect with Eden's brand narrative and mission for a healthier planet.

Our multi-tiered branding solution from the logo, marketing collaterals to packaging, set out to truly capture the freshness, organic produce and sustainability of Eden in the City. We told Eden's story through rustic authenticity and innovative design solutions at every touch point.


What we created for Eden is timeless. The redesign delivered what we set out to do - Eden connected with their investors, including an investor from our very own Drew Network. Absolutely thrilled that Eden in the City will be at supermarket aisles soon.


Logo / Brand Identity / Investment Deck (PowerPoint)

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