As Quack already had existing packaging in existence it was important for us to keep the original logo and find a creative way to expand the brand through illustration, colour palettes and texture.

Quack Duck Eggs

One of the things that first drew us to this wonderful project was finding out that the happier the ducks are, the more eggs they lay and the tastier the eggs are. This inspired the look and feel of the website and the hand drawn and rendered illustrations. A warm and welcoming, friendly site that makes us as happy as the ducks on the farm.


The brand styling and quirky illustrations made the social media content a dream to work with. Our social media manager has kept the posts fun, informative and interactive for the intended audience.

In fact, week on week our engagement rate went up by 45% in the second month. In three months, our account reached 145 unique users. Our social media efforts continue to grow.

Did you know duck eggs are bigger and healthier? Check out Quacks social media page to view some more of the content we created.